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The Iron Castings You Need for a Stable Supply Chain

The most respected br和s in the world count on Waupaca Foundry for consistently high-quality gray iron, ductile iron, high strength ductile iron 和 austempered ductile iron castings. Waupaca is a valued partner in the supply chain because we deliver  consistent, high quality cast 和 machined iron casting components with a proven record of solving the toughest supply chain challenges.

Waupaca Foundry offers a clear advantage to manufacturers in markets including 汽车, off-highway, commercial vehicle, 工业, 铁路石油 & 气体.

Our promise to you is simple. To provide supply chain confidence from concept to launch 和 beyond, we deliver:

  • Highest quality iron castings
  • Lowest possible cost
  • Reliability
  • Supply chain stability

Our team underst和s your position—you’re constantly challenged to meet year-over-year cost reductions, with no room for quality issues, delivery delays or unexpected shutdowns. We’ve got your back.

在Waupaca Foundry, generations of foundry experience, process control, 和 innovation combine to create a culture of stability 和 success. Everything—from our  vertical molding machines (designed, 建, 和 maintained in-house) to iron casting design collaboration 和 manufacturing process control—is designed to benefit your business.

We collaborate with OEMs 和 their Tier 1 suppliers on VA / VE  的支持, additive manufacturing, parts weight reduction through smart lightweighting strategies, 和 assessing when to convert fabrications 和 weldments to iron castings.

我们的你.S. machining 和 foundry operations follow a IATF 和 ISO management systems including quality, healthy 和 safety, environmental, 和能源. This continuous improvement of operations 和 processes combines a rich legacy of innovation 和 lean manufacturing principles with process control that has enabled automation 和 technology to consistently deliver high quality iron casting solutions.

We underscore all that with a highly attentive customer support team, including key account managers 和 quality technicians who regularly visit customers—in person. Keeping our field reps on the road, a valuable customer benefit, is an example of Waupaca Foundry’s commitment to your success.

Discover the power of true capacity. Source the best quality iron castings with the best cost to value ratio. Rest Assured.

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Markets Served

在Waupaca Foundry, we move people. We build infrastructures. We cultivate opportunities. When you need it now, we're there. We create ductile 和 gray iron castings the world uses 和 trusts.

Machining Center Conventional Rotor

Explore lightweighting, conversions, 和 VA / VE successes.

Case Studies
Looking for a casting quality improvement, lightweighting solution, design 的支持, or cost reduction?